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Who are you and what do you do? That is the most common question most people ask you! I know for me it is! Especially after I tell them I “have my own business” or that “I am an entrepreneur” – BUT people have a lot of different names for me “YouTuber, Influencer, RVer, Digital Nomad, Animal Lover.” My personal favorite is BLOGGER since it describes my passion for writing. Then, I’ll usually follow up with “You can follow me @BloggingBrandi on social media or check out my website”  

Yet, if you know my story then you know I had no plans to become “Blogging Brandi” or to even be on YouTube. It was someone making fun of me that gave me the name! 

I was dealing with a personal tragedy and trying to heal, which writing helped me with. And, someone teased me about “What am I going to be now a Blogger” while hysterically laughing repeating “Blogging Brandi” but I actually liked the sound of the name. It had a catchy ring, so that’s how I got my name and became known as Blogging Brandi!

However, I started out my career life cutting hair and then pursued a degree in Finance, until I decided it was not my passion. I wanted to start a business and do my own thing, but my first business was not blogging! In fact, it was a failure and a huge learning lesson! But it led me to my next BIG business idea which was reselling and allowed me the funds I needed to quit my full-time, 9-5, $ix Figure job! Since I had learned the POWER of how to sell ANYTHING and make money online, offline, at home, or while I roam!

Yet, when I quit my job and started my first “successful business” I had no Brand, no logo, no website, no social media, no email list, nothing except an Amazon and eBay store! I did not even know I needed anything else but over time I began to understand what branding is and why branding is important. Plus, How to brand a product, a business, and most importantly how to brand myself. I often say that I put the “Brandi” in Branding! 

But, this book is about more than Branding! It is a business in a book. I have created an entire blog to go along with it where I’ve put all of the Tools and Resources, checklists, cheat sheets, Links, downloads, videos, tutorials, etc.. mentioned. So you can learn How To Brand Like A Boss and Build A Brand Everyone can BLAB About!

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