How To Quit Your Job [Resignation Checklist]

Thinking about Quiet Quitting? But, wondering… How do you quit your job? YOUR CORPORATE well paying $$$ GIG? If you’re Thinking about how to quit a job, resign from a job, or is a two-week notice necessary, and when should you quit your job? — it all takes planning, before, during and after your departure! 😳

I remember when I was preparing for mine… “I want to quit my job,” I told myself every day! Quitting a job isn’t easy. And, quitting your job to start a business deserves proper planning. I set a date to Quit my job.

Learn how to resign, and the way to quit before you prepare your “Quit Letter” aka Resignation Letter! (You can read mine below) Get ready to FIRE YOUR BOSS TODAY! If you want to quit your job, here’s how to quit your job in 2024, and stop drinking the corporate Kool-Aid 🤢🤮

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Creating A Plan

Stop talking about your next move and Start preparing for it!

Create a Plan: before quitting any job you need to have a well-thought-out plan to cover any hurdles should they arise before, during, and after your departure. Especially if you have benefits.

You’re going to need to Know… Where to find your rights and benefits? After you quit it will be too late to try to get any needed information or documents. Learn how to ask, who to ask, and what to ask — everything you need to know surrounding your benefits before and after departure. Plus, How to handle medical prescriptions and doctor visits before you exit? How to get started saving money and what to eliminate for major cash flow? Quitting your job can be intimidating but not when you have a plan in place, like I did 😃

  • STEP #1 – Set A date, Mark your calendar, make a plan, and act on it
  • STEP #2 – Know your rights and benefits
  • STEP #3 – Go to the doctor & refill prescriptions
  • STEP #4 – Have an emergency fund and a budget
  • STEP #5 – Start eliminating expenses
  • STEP #6 – Leave on good terms & document everything

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STEP #1 – Set A date, Mark your calendar, make a plan, and act on it

  • set a date
  • Write your Resignation Letter & save it in a safe Place
  • In reality, you should be planning this six months out. This will reinforce your goal to leave!

STEP #2 – Know your rights and benefits

  • Were you given any signing bonuses or are you due to receive a bonus that requires you to remain employed through a certain date?
  • Speak with a Financial Advisor or Accountant but you will need to roll your 401k out of the employer plan and into another type of investment once you separate.
  • ** IRA RollOver or Roth IRA may sound like familiar terms
  • If you’ve received any type of employee stock, Taxes can have an implication on you.. Check into these before you leave.
  • you’re owed vacation time if you earned it and you decide to separate they still have to pay you in some cases. If not, take your leave before you announce your exit.
  • Locate and save a copy of your employee benefits guide don’t forget to read it
  • Contact Human Resources (HR). The hotline or website is there to help answer questions for you as an employee. find out everything you need to know about your 401K, insurance, vacation, attorney advice, as well as, nursing care and daycare.  

BONUS TIP: your job may pay for certificates and schooling. If there’s something you’re looking into as an entrepreneur or someone who’s getting ready to leave, I would go ahead and think about some of those things.

**Keep in mind you may have to pay some of that back. But, it’s something to look into if they’re going to pay for it. Take advantage of those things while you can!

STEP #3 – Go to the doctor & refill prescriptions

  • Go to all your Regular doctor’s appointments
  • Have prescriptions refilled for 90 days or longer and consider generic brands or alternatives
  • don’t be concerned with insurance just know that you’re not going to have it. Remember the worst-case scenario, if you had something happen a hospital has to take you, so you can go to a hospital and get treatment.

Bonus Tip: tell your doctor you’re going out of the country & unable to come back to visit them.

My Doctors offered reduced costs for individuals without insurance so it never hurts to ask!

STEP #4 – Have an emergency fund and a budget

  • prepare for any large expenses six months out when you’re budgeting.
  • Request credit limit increases on existing cards
  • Apply for any loans or extra funds you may need now:
    • Refinance your home
    • buy a car
    • apply for a credit card or loan
  • keep cash use credit you can bankrupt out of credit once your cash is gone it’s gone. Cash is king!

STEP #5 – Start eliminating expenses

  • cut back by figuring out what your necessities are. All those little things add up.
  • downgrade things you don’t need 
    • cable bill
    • eating out
    • hair & nails 
    • subscriptions
    • Club memberships. 
  • Sell all the things that you don’t use or need. You can flip those and get some extra cash to start adding to your budget 

STEP #6 – Leave on good terms & document everything

  • keep copies of w2, paychecks, time off taken and due, any additional time card info
  • Download benefits as well as 401k-type material & handbooks
  • Contacts for resources like HR and the retirement department phone numbers
  • Contacts for co-workers and managers (Email phone, address. )
  • If you take nothing else when you leave, take emails! Email addresses are gold!!!

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