How do you know if RV Living is right for You or NOT?

How do you know you’re ready for RV Life? Or if RV Living Full Time is right for you and your lifestyle needs vs wants? Better yet, how soon are you trying to start Full Time RVing? Think you are ready for full-time RV Living? There are questions to ask yourself and signs RV Living is right for you!

I wanted to Share a “Testimonial” that will help you understand WHY, WHEN & IF Full Time RV Life is right for you? There are Things to Know About Full Time RV Living to be Brutally Honest! Plus, Things YOU COULD BE DOING NOW in the meantime To Prepare before you start Living in an RV!

This is what Michelle (one of my students) had to say about working with me and why she DECIDED NOT To RV:

“Just wanted to give y’all a little bit of an update on my RV experience and RVersity, which kudos to Brandi because I don’t know how she does it. Any questions that you have, if you are on the fence, I would encourage you to reach out to her”

Ready to get results like Michelle?
When I Met Michelle…
  • 📌 Not sure if RV Life was right for her (yet)?
  • 📌 In her 50’s, has “physical limitations” & lives with her 70 year old Mom to help watch over her. 
  • 📌 She had a house in Arkansas and is a realtor there!

Michelle’s intention was to plan her future around her Mother.

However, as She started watching the “Real Estate Market especially when it started going crazy” she said “we knew what we kind of wanted to do but that we needed to sell”!

In the meantime, Michelle said her concerns were…

  • ❓ Where am I gonna live?
  • ❓Loved the idea of RV Living but NO idea what I am doing?
  • ❓ Wanted to Minimize my life and also what needed to be done on a daily basis (as in taking care of a house)
Then, Michelle Met Me…

Michelle said “One morning I got up and I prayed. I said, God, please help me figure out what I need to do for me and my Mom. That will be right. I need some answers. I need answers to questions. And immediately, after I prayed, I got onto YouTube and Brandi popped up on my screen. I’m not even sure what made me click play, but it was something about RVs. So I clicked on it and was so moved by her video I knew I needed to talk to her. I knew that she would answer my questions. So I did, I scheduled an appointment with her. I actually got into her RV university course and started taking the courses at that time. Then all of a sudden I decided that we wanted to take action now not later.” 

So they went ahead and put their house on the market and Sold it! — making $167,500 in profit aka INCOME to put towards a NEW LIFE!


🚨 Michelle DRASTICALLY Decluttered her house in 2 WEEKS as if she was going to be moving into an RV saying:

  • ✅ it makes you feel empowered
  • ✅ it’s a reality check of money wasted on “stuff”
  • ✅ it is LIFE CHANGING

Now that Michelle sold her house….

THANKFULLY after working with me Michelle has decided NOT to RUSH into Buying & Living in an RV! 

Michelle decided on living in an apartment for now with her Mom to help care for her and due to some of her own physical limitations she said “we just wanted peace and that was not gonna be our peace. However, because of RVersity, the RV university, I got a picture of that and we just decided that we weren’t ready for it at this time. BUT That does not mean that we might not do it in the future, because as we know, plans change. So we have an apartment for the next year and in that year we are probably going to buy some land. And, may still buy an RV, to travel in… So it really made me think things out a little bit more.”

EVEN though Michelle is NOT Ready for full time RV Life yet…

  • 🚀 she still wants to RV in the future and could start Stationary RVing first. RVersity taught her what to expect when she is ready and this is a journey. For some they want to start in 3 months, 6 months, or a year but it’s the fact that she knows she wants to start despite setbacks.
  • 🚀 she talks about how RVersity changed her life. She felt empowered and saw the benefits of decluttering which is mentioned in the lessons. Perhaps something very important that will lead to RVing but mostly changing your life.
  • 🚀 NOW she wants to live smaller and more intentionally.

Not sure if you Are READY for RV Life yet? Want to Declutter, Downsize, Live Smaller and More Intentional with your life? Need some PEACE, then it’s time for a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!

📲 Schedule a time To Chat with Me to ask Q&A or talk about working together and see if RVersity or one of my other programs… is right for you! (spots are limited)!

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