How I Started My Online Business & Make Money As A Solo Female Digital Nomad RV Living Entrepreneur

This is How I Started My First Online Business, Created A Digital Product To Sell & Make Money Online As A Solo Female Digital Nomad RV Living Entrepreneur with NO Experience!

So, If you’re wondering How To Become A Digital Nomad and How To Make Money Online as your own boss – NOT Work From Anywhere for someone else via a “Remote Work” or “Remote Jobs” type of position then this video is for you! Today, I’m sharing some of my Online Business Ideas that have allowed me to Make Money On The Road while Solo Female RV Living Full Time (as a Female Digital Nomad Entrepreneur)! 

Funny Story is that I was a Solo Female Digital Nomad RV Living On A Remote Island when this all started! And then I was forced to quit Full Time RV Living and focus on my skills as a Female Digital Nomad Entrepreneur! All playing a part in MY STORY! Because over the years I’ve had to learn How To Be A Digital Nomad and Make Money As A Digital Nomad aka a Nomadic Entrepreneur not always an RV Entrepreneur! Which is how the name Blogging Brandi and RVersity were born!

Creating a digital product is a great way to start making money online. Learning how to create a digital product and learning how to sell a digital product online is easier than it seems with the right process. I want to share how simple that process can be! So if you Need help Starting your online business and want to be a Female Digital Nomad Entrepreneur (whether you’re RV Living yet or not 🙂 then let’s chat!

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Here is the TRANSCRIPT from the video “How I Started My Online Business & Make Money As A Solo Female Digital Nomad RV Living Entrepreneur”

Video Transcript:

I’m back. So one of the biggest questions that I get asked is Brandi, how do I create my first business as an entrepreneur and how do I develop my very first product or service to sell? And that was something that I think I kind of just fell into when I started on this journey. So if you haven’t met me yet, my name is blogging brandi and usually I’m in my rv, but I’m a digital nomad, a female entrepreneur, and I have learned how to run my business on the road and I teach other female entrepreneurs and male entrepreneurs how to do the same. I used to travel a lot with my business and I kind of figured out I like to be able to do it from anywhere on the road. And so I went from selling like physical products to digital products and I wanna tell you why.

If you haven’t seen my story yet, you can check that out in the link below this video to watch that. As well as if you want to apply and work with me, you can head over to, um, or check the link below this video. So if you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon somewhere around this video. Let me tell you kind of how this whole thing came and if you even saw this set up right now, you’d be laughing. A lot of people tell me, oh, whenever I start my first business, I have to have like an LLC and I have to have all these business licenses and documents and bank accounts and all this crazy stuff. And honestly, I don’t wanna say I’m not an accountant or a tax advisor or anything like that. I have done accounting and I do have a degree in finance and I’ve worked in an accounting office.

But the one thing that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that the biggest fear is just getting started. My side hustle turned into my full-time career. It didn’t begin that way. I started out with no, well, I actually ended up doing like an llc, but I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time and I ended up naming it something really weird and it wasn’t something that I could continue on with. And so that’s why I’m telling you to listen to me and not to just start out on this journey. So comment below if you can relate to me or if you have questions. Uh, along this video. The first thing was, and I have my notes here, if you’re like, what is that chick looking at? The first thing is that you don’t need all of that fancy schmanzy stuff first. You need to actually start a business and create a business and go from there.

Now the one thing that someone told me was their idea. And so I came up with this bright idea because someone else told me to do it. And so my very first business, um, was this vape liquid that you can see here. It was called Smoke Serendipity. And I had no idea what I was doing and I spent thousands of dollars creating this, creating the label and all the branding and trying to make a website. And it’s really funny because at the end of the day when I finally got done with this and got the product and started to market it after I’ve developed it all and I’m like, okay, now I’m gonna go get some customers, now I’m gonna market this product. Then I found out that I, well first off, I didn’t even use the product. This is like a e-liquid that you put into those um, vape pens and then you would smoke it.

I don’t even smoke that. I didn’t know my client. I named this smoke serendipity and the funny part is that when I was getting ready to market this one person told me, they were like, well first off, you know that people that vape, they’re not about smoking. So I was like, oh, okay, well that’s my first shot in the foot <laugh>. So I was like, okay, that business idea is not going well. Then I tried to market it on like Google ads and on some other websites and so I was trying to run ads on it and the weird thing that I found out was that you couldn’t market these ads. This was treated like beer, um, and cigarettes and even like adult content like xxx, that’s what I was treated as and you had to be like over 18. And so I was like, okay, this is not really going the way that I thought it would be.

I was doing all that while I was still at my corporate job. I was like creating this little business that wasn’t even something that was gonna take off. So anyways, it ended up becoming like this big fail and I tried to sell some of the product at a flea market and I tried to sell it to some people online and it just ended up being finally a flop. I tried to get rid of it and I think it’s probably sitting in boxes still somewhere at my mom’s house in storage, which we’re here at my mom’s house now. So <laugh>, I don’t know, it could be here. Then I started to go into other products. So they call it private labeling. So what I did is I did not actually like create the formula for this um, vape liquid. I paid a company that was actually like in China I think to make this um, or somewhere overseas, I don’t know.

But they made this for me and they helped come up with all the packaging and they sold it to me. So I was probably like a sucker for them. That taught me a lot about selling online. That taught me a lot about private labeling. And so then I ended up watching this webinar and I’m about to watch the webinar like before I created the product, I just didn’t really understand what I was selling or doing. So I didn’t know my client, I didn’t know the product, I didn’t know any kinda online marketing, I didn’t know anything. I didn’t even have social media, nothing like that. I started doing reselling and flipping after I had watched this webinar and they were like, oh, you just get your phone and you just scan and you just see if these products or um, what they’re going for online and then you just sell ’em for a higher price.

I started doing what’s called reselling online and also in the middle of that I was kind of doing a little bit of this private labeling. So I wanted to tell you kind of if you’re like, okay, what is private labeling before I jump into the reselling thing, private labeling means that you sell someone else’s product and, but you could put your name on it potentially. So I ordered, um, I started doing other things that I was finding that were selling at the time. So I found like these baby teeters and these look like little almost cookies I would say like Oreo cookies almost, but they’re not Oreo cookies and they’re this plastic teeter stuff and you can put ’em around the baby’s neck. I just found certain products and categories would sell. And so these, I thought about, okay, well maybe I’ll put my name on it and sell these as my own, kind of would sell like one or two and I’d figure out like what would sell and then I would decide if I wanted to order more of them or whatever.

Then I sold like these mesh bags and so they are something that you would put in the bathtub and you would put toys in them and they’re also for um, babies and you could probably use ’em for something else, I don’t know. But they have these little suction cups on ’em. And so I’ve sold a few of those and then I sold, these are like kitchen scrubbers and I did ’em in all the colors and they have little knots on ’em and they have these reasons for like picking hang and I don’t remember like all the features, but these were like hot sellers online. And so I had started ordering these to see if people would buy them. And then I also did these baby teethers. Okay, these were I think called like banana baby teethers, um, or toothbrushes and the babies would brush their teeth with them and I have probably like 20 or 30 of those still.

So I still have like all of this random stuff. And then I was trying to think if there was anything else that was what you would call private labeling. And so these were not products that I made or sold or manufactured. There was another manufacturer and I would buy them from them and then was sell them on eBay or Amazon or, um, it depends on what I was selling, how big it was. And that was another thing that went into it. I was first, I didn’t know if I was gonna be selling big items or small items. And so a lot of that played a role into what I wanted to do digitally, um, and even just physically and how much it costs. So I found that like smaller and lighter items were easier to sell and I found like, um, pet products and baby products, um, and even like household goods, like things that people would normally invest in, that is what you would consider like private labeling.

And then that is I guess a form of reselling, but I got into reselling, which is what actually allowed me to quit my job. And so reselling is when you would buy items and I would go to like Goodwill, target and Walmart and I found these items at lower prices and then I would sell them for higher prices. I can show you probably some of these because I actually have some of them stored here. So I came, um, with these products here, not all, not these specifically, but these were actually some products that’s probably like leftover from um, before. So I would just buy things at Goodwill’s like this. I bought for 3 99 and it was

This hook hanging thing for babies. And what I ended up figuring out is this was long and weird and hard to ship, so it hasn’t been easy to sell, but I would find things like maybe these items for babies and they’re these slippers and I got ’em for, I don’t know, a couple bucks because I bought ’em in um, a pallet. So I went from buying at Walmart in Goodwill and Target and like local stores to buying at auctions, um, both in person and online. And I’ve done new and old and used and return items and all of that and I usually only sell new items. Um, so that’s what I had learned. So these are just things that were kind of leftover and I actually had used them for a class I was teaching, so they’ve just been sitting up here, but um, I would buy stuff like that.

The other thing, I had gotten this stuff in a pallet, but I had gotten like this toy thing and this is kind of heavy, but again, people would buy like little tykes and things. Um, if I found that say for a couple bucks and I was trying to see if there was anything really specific in here that look, oh, um, if you haven’t seen my story, I used to sell spray tans back in the day, like when I was, oh my gosh, my twenties. So this is probably 10 years old, at least probably 15, I don’t know. Um, this spray tan machine, which is probably gonna have to be for sale. I used to do spray tans on people, but it still works. And then I had like this pet tent that I had gotten on a discount and so I haven’t sold it yet.

Um, oh, I found like these baby items at Goodwill, these um, crib sheets and these, I think I paid like a couple bucks for a bill online. They go for probably like 20 bucks. So some of that stuff is just things that I would find and even um, these games. So I would find like games at Goodwill and I would always look for these new ones and so this is brand new and I would sell this, but you would pay like a couple dollars for this at Goodwill and then I would sell it online. Like some of these go for like 40, 50, $60. Some of ’em like even more. So. Um, and then also I got these, I would say, you know, always start with your higher price items but. I got these Lilly Pulitzer bags, um, for, from a kit that or from a like, you know how you buy stuff and they’re like, oh, I’ll give you a free gift. I had gotten this as a free gift, but honestly these go for over a hundred bucks I think online. So this is something that we lost for sale. Um, so those are just some things. I could not go through all of that with you, but I just wanted to say like those are things that I would either buy at Goodwill or I got in a pallet, um, or however I acquired them, but it was something that I got for

A, a cheaper price and don’t even judge me. I will actually sell, if people give me gifts, um, I will sell them if I know I can sell them. So if it was like Christmas gifts or birthday gifts or just like, Hey brandi, do you want this? I’m like, oh, I can probably sell that. I actually went to a convention recently in the last couple years right before the whole pandemic and it was kind of funny. We were leaving and if you have ever been to these conventions, um, and conferences, you have to carry all this product and ship it in and normally it costs more money to um, get, if you didn’t give it away at the event, it costs more money to ship it back or take it back with you. So, um, these people were like, Hey, do you want this stuff?

And I was sitting there scanning with my phone and um, it was kind of funny because I ended up taking like all this product and making a lot of money on it. But um, it was really just I and a lot of people are like, oh, what do you sell? It could be anything. If I scanned it and it made money, I’ve sold rain chains, I’ve sold horse jackets, people will buy some really weird stuff. I always think of like, okay, even sitting in this room, like this is a boat that we bought as a blowup boat and it’s not really something that we’re gonna use anymore cuz we have like a real boat now that’s something that I would put and put up for sale. So I would probably not ship it but I would sell it like locally, um, maybe something like Facebook marketplace.

So I got into doing these pallets and flipping these items and I started making so much money that it allowed me to quit my job and I was doing this kind of like on the side or in between at lunch breaks and at the end of the day and I would even like, this is how funny it was, I would even take my mom to like goodwill on senior citizen day or my grandma. I’d be like, Hey, um, if you come today I can get a discount. So I would go to Goodwill. Not only I would go on the day that the senior citizen discount was, but I would go on the day when like the color code was that you got 50% off. And so I would get crazy deals. What happened if you know my story I ended up do, I was doing this reselling and what I like to say is my side hustle ended up turning into my full-time career.

Now my full-time career is not reselling <laugh>, so um, that’s something that I made money doing, but if you watch my story, my life kind of changed and I started traveling to heal and I didn’t really have like a stable office or a stable house. And so I was trying to come up with some way digitally that I could make money. And also if you’ve watched my story or haven’t watched my story, check it out below this video and link, um, in the description below after this video’s over, really just wanted to, I would say start a blog but I don’t know, I just wanna do something digitally. And so ended up I started to try to like write a blog and I had already like made websites and stuff so I was really already kind of techy. The funny part is I think this is always funny, I had no social media when I quit my job and I had no, I did not sell on social media.

I didn’t have a website, I had nothing. All I had was an Amazon account and an eBay account. That’s really how I quit my job with an Amazon and eBay account. No website, no brand, no name, no um, marketing nothing. I guess I kind of like fell into this and it was like this blessing in disguise. I was like learning how to do this and I just remember this, I would like to call him a loser, but he’s really smart, he just doesn’t apply himself. Someone crossed my path <laugh> and they told me one time they were like, you know Brandy, it’s really funny, you have all of these things for sale. It’s like you have your Amazon account and you have your eBay account, but nobody really knows like what you sell or like a central place for you to come back to. And so then I was thinking, oh like I guess I need a website and maybe yeah, like all these products, do I sell baby products?

Do I sell dog products? Do I sell horse jackets? Do I sell um, household goods? Like what am I selling? And so that’s when I started learning more about business and marketing and branding and like who I wanted to be or what I wanted to sell or what sold more of. And so for me it was dollar signs, that’s all I thought about. But then it was like, okay, how do you get these people to come back to you from these other sites? Which is like probably a whole nother story and a whole nother video. Again, if you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe and hit the bell icon so you’re notified in an upcoming video and let me know what you wanna know about like marketing and business. Um, and if this is resonating with you, hit the like button below and comment below and let me know what questions you have.

And if you’re like, oh my God, I can totally relate to this chick or if she’s just talking crazy, I would say my name became my game. My name became my game. I like that. I like literally just came up with that. Like my hater, which was my boyfriend at this time was like, oh what are you gonna be blogging brandi? And I was like, yeah, I guess um, that’s a good idea cuz I was like, oh, I’m gonna start a blog. And I didn’t really know why I was starting a blog other than I was like, oh, I’m gonna heal. And I’m like trying to sell these products on the side. Actually I ended up, when my had my rv, my TRA travel trailer, my very first rv, I was selling my house. I had all these products and so I told, you know, my story, God had told me to like sell everything.

And so I was selling everything and I was trying to get rid of these products. Um, when I was on this trip one time, it was just this mad chaos. There was all this crap going on at home. I was trying to hire people to help sell me, sell these products and I had no idea about the fact that I could like put these products in a box and trip them off and somebody else would do all the work for me or just to hire somebody in a different facet. Okay, like outsource instead of like hiring. I had this chaotic business going on hundreds of skews. I was trying to figure out business and marketing. Then my whole life had been turned upside down, you know, whenever I had my personal tragedy happen and my lifestyle was already changing, but my lifestyle literally like stopped.

And so I was like, okay, how do I do this blog thing? And I was sitting in my trailer on an island in Georgia, I was sitting on an island in my trailer. Come here, come here. This is my little baby girl who helps run the business over here. Birdie, birdie, bird. Okay, thank you. So I was sitting on an island in uh, Jekyll Island, Georgia and I was talking to this guy, I had hired him to do my website and he was like not doing as fast as I thought he should. And so one day I was just talking to him on the phone and I was like, oh my God, why haven’t you done my website? This is crazy. I was kind of like telling my story like, you don’t get it. Why? I’m even in this rv. I lost my kid and all this stuff is going on.

I need this website done. And so I’m trying to start this blog and I don’t even know why I was trying to start the blog or what, what I was doing. Like I had no idea. He was like, oh my god, have you ever thought about being on YouTube or starting a YouTube channel? And so I was like, oh yeah, no, I mean I’d be really good at YouTube. And so I ended up starting this YouTube channel because he told me this was a good idea. That’s probably how you’re watching me now. Three or four YouTube channels later I ended up starting this YouTube channel. I was trying to figure out how to get rid of these products and so I had all these ideas coming at me. And so I started, I had kind of taken off a little bit because I had invested in crypto at the time and I was starting to make money from crypto and I had my own investments and um, I was cashing out my 401k and I was like literally like getting out of the system and the status quo and taking any like money that I had.

Um, and any money that I was generating from my business, I was investing it back into my business and my RV and just getting this whole thing going. Part of it that kind of stopped for me was when I got in my tragic accident in my rv, I had to figure out some other way to make money. So I was like, okay, how do I make money on the road or digitally when I have no like house or stable office? I was gonna do the blog. I told you my biggest hater was like, oh, Blogging Brandy. So I was like, okay, no more stuff. God told me to sell everything. Like how do I go digital? So not only did I have my investments, my savings, I had this like reselling thing I was trying to fade out of. And actually I kind of had like a little bit of this, a little bit of that like all going on.

So I learned that you cannot grow a business and have what I call your mobile money machines or multiple streams of income when you’re trying to do all these little things at one time. Like you gotta focus on like one thing and then you can start adding more and more and more once you’ve perfected the one thing and got it going in a good way. I did the private labeling, um, I was doing the reselling, I had investments and money and savings and cashing out stuff. And then um, I also started doing what I would like to call branded merchandise. So a lot of people are like, oh I wanna sell t-shirts and cups and mugs. And so I had created this merchandise and I did all that and so you could wear these hats and these were like my, my business idea, okay? So I didn’t even take possession of these.

That’s one thing I did learn on my journey when I started doing this is I don’t have to have hundreds of these in my pocket or in my back in o over here unless say I’m a musician or something. Um, and I’m like on tour and I wanted to have some of the stuff to give away, then maybe I might order a little bit of it and have some merch to sell, but I would really have it online. Um, and also because if you sell online you can get people into your sales funnel and you can continue to sell to them later on, you have their information. So it was kinda like something I learned with like the website and then again I told you I had no social media when I started. That was another thing that was like, okay, so who wants to buy just your name or your brand logo?

Like I get it maybe if I’m Nike or um, like a really big brand name where people are all about labels. Um, like Lilly Pulitzer, um, which is my favorite or one of my students was just selling a bag. It was like Michael Kors. So things like that. Yeah, I get it. It’s like a status thing. Trust me. I had Lexus, I had all the fancy cars, I had all of that, the title vice president, um, investment advisor, stock trader. So then I did the branded merchandise. I also did what you would call like affiliate marketing. So say that I wanted to sell like say I was like, oh you should buy this mouse from Apple. I’ll put a link below this video for you to get it. It’s something that I use in my everyday life. Um, and it’s like a must have. Then that would be what’s called affiliate marketing because that would mean that if you click the link, whether it be on social media or um, emails or wherever, it depends on the affiliate and all their stipulations, but essentially someone clicks on your link or put your code in however it’s set up and if they buy something then you get paid off of it.

So you can be making money in many different ways and that’s why I call it multiple streams of income, mobile money. Um, and that’s digital. That’s digital, that’s all digital. You can do that online affiliate marketing. And then the next thing that I kind of really wanted to do was like, oh, I really wanna write this book. I was kind of doing this YouTube channel and the funny story about is I started this YouTube channel. I wasn’t really sure how I was gonna make money doing it, but I remember one day I was like, oh, I’m gonna do a YouTube channel. I’m gonna record like my RV life. And so, uh, and actually first I started talking about like tips to go to Vegas random. And then I was like, oh, let me show you how I set up my rv. So weird. And so I remember recording one day and my boyfriend was standing there and he was like, um, I was starting the video and I was just like my very first couple videos and he had this like professional or more professional business I, which I thought at the time cuz he was an entrepreneur too.

He was like, oh my god, you need to have a script and you need to have everything set up. You need to have your, your lighting and this is just not how you do it. Da da da. And so I stopped making videos and I stopped my YouTube channel and it literally made me pause because of what someone else was saying about me and my idea. And so that’s how I always tell people that if you work with me and my community and when I started rversity in my um, RV university, my YouTube channel and all of that RV life gave me this freedom to feel. And even entrepreneurship, I won’t say just RV life, it’s because if you start rvn you honestly become an entrepreneur because you have to learn how to do everything yourself. So you become everything. But um, I learn how to be a digital nomad and a female and a female entrepreneur and an entrepreneur, a digital entrepreneur from my RV life and wanting to run this thing on the road and then losing my RV and then trying to figure out like, okay, how I’m gonna make money because I was talking about my RV life and then I was like, okay, I can’t talk about that anymore cause I don’t have an rv.

So I was like, oh, I’ll just like learn. And I started learning, I was still selling these products. I was um, doing some of the other stuff on the side that I was telling you I was learning about like digital marketing. I was working, um, on my own little business and I really still didn’t kind of have an idea of like what I was doing, but I started picking up, um, this idea that I wanted to write a book. So I wrote this book and I said, oh, I’m gonna write this book. And the funny story about this book is called Brand Like a Boss, how to Build an Identity and Bring Awareness Online. And you can probably still buy this on Amazon, but I’m not telling you to go buy it only because the funny part about is like there’s no page numbers in it and there’s probably misspellings in it and I don’t even know that it’s like an official like book that it should be, but I did it, you know, and I wrote my own book and I self-published it and I got people to buy it.

And then I think I did like a revamped version or another version of it. Um, and I tried to have like all these tools and resources they like you could connect to online. And I had this website and so I don’t even know if all that’s even set up anymore. But this, I started to learn, um, more about branding. And it was funny. I, it was like I was trying to teach somebody about branding cuz it was like the thing that I was learning and had learned how to do from my own hustling and from starting this business thing. And so I always say I put the brandy in branding. Um, and so personal branding versus business branding, those were all things that I started to figure out. And I actually at the time, having a personal brand was kind of weird. And so people didn’t really understand what that was to the degree that they kind of do now.

And then I started having social media and Twitter was actually like my very first social media account. It just kind of evolved from there. Um, I had that book and then when people kind of saw me online and I started to build this brand, I started of finding people on like Twitter and Facebook and just online randomly. I’m not really sure how, I don’t even know what I was posting or if I was posting or how I found these people or what, but I think it was like a made YouTube video or, but I was making YouTube videos about random stuff. So that’s why I say this is not like how to start a business for everybody. This is how like I started my first business as a digital nomad and a female entrepreneur and how my first business that wasn’t necessarily digital, it was more physical turned into my digital life and why I like, why I wanted it that way.

So then people started to find me for my services and skills off of YouTube and social media and kind of like how you’re watching this video and I say like, Hey, subscribe to this channel and like this video and comment below. And oh, by the way, if you wanna work with me, you can apply to work with me below this video or head over to working with And I’ll even say things like, oh, I have, um, like on my rversity channel, I always talked about a webinar and I, um, plan on doing a webinar in this channel if I haven’t done it already by the time you watch this video, it’ll be in the link below this video. But the webinar about my story and kind of more in depth about business and rv life and not just RV life but nomadic life.

Because when I say that, it’s like sometimes I’ll be in a place for like one week, sometimes I’ll be there for a month, but I have the liberty to stay there or move or do whatever I want. Like technically I’m supposed to be on the road right now headed to another location. But I was like, well, I really wanna get this video done. And so I put my phone on airplane mode to make this video. Then I started selling my service and skills. People would hire me from all over the world in different places and they become, they became like my biggest fans, my biggest clients, my tribe. I learned about marketing myself and reaching out to these people and just one by one, having these one off clients that I was working with. And I sold my social media skills and um, I would set up their YouTube channels, I would design websites, I would do pretty much anything you can think of about how to start a business.

And I was like, oh yeah, I can just do like everything. And so that’s when I kind of started learning that I wasn’t trying to sell to everyone and sell everything. Even when I was selling all of these products that I had like these, it was like, okay, who are you trying to sell to? Are you trying to sell to babies? Are you trying to sell to household moms? Um, are you trying to sell to people that smoke vape liquid? Like what are you trying to sell? And then who’s trying to buy this hat? Like, so that’s when I started to learn about personal branding and who I was and why I needed something more. Because I was trying to do everything for everyone. I really started to, to listen to that thing inside of me and how I told my story about how I was on this journey and I was trying to heal and I was trying to find products and things that I could sell online.

And so I really went from selling like other people’s products and services to figuring out how to sell myself. So I was teaching people one-on-one and coaching or really selling all of my skills to flipping and teaching people from a coaching standpoint, not necessarily me doing the work, but teaching them how to do the work for themselves and how I’ve been able to do this same thing for myself. And there’s no like cookie cutter way. There’s no easy way to business. And I always like to say, you know, you should find your tribe and find something that you love doing and then figure out how to make money doing it. Just because somebody says like you can’t do it, doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. Um, it’s very, very niche things that people like to do that actually will make a lot of money.

I’ve also found a way from like, even if you just wanted to start a blog and write, you can make money doing that. I just really didn’t know how to do that at the time or like why I made YouTube videos, why I made blogs, why I created social content. And now I call it profitable content. Cuz actually if you look at any of my social media and you follow me at Blogging Brandi, um, or even at rversity, I talk about business in my RV life and I’m very straightforward and I don’t say, look at me, look at me, look at me. I actually say, Hey, look at my journey and let me show you how to get here. On that note, I hope this has been really helpful on sharing with you about how I created my business and how, you know, it was just like one client and one testimonial and one person that I would do like one little thing for, and then it would turn into like, oh, could you do this other thing?

And so the other thing that I started to learn in all this is my value and that selling, like I also created an app. I don’t know if I said that I created this app for, it’s an RV App it’s called rversity. I don’t even, I’m pretty sure it’s still for Sale, but I would never encourage anybody to go get it because again, just like my book, I feel like my app is out there and you can download it. But I had no idea what I was doing. I paid somebody like 500 bucks to design this app and they made it for Android and Apple and I mean, I did it <laugh>. So it’s done. But perfection is the enemy. A done go get it done, test, fail, learn, grow, repeat. You can always go back and perfect things later on. I’m, I guess, excited to share this next step in my journey.

I’m excited that I’ve started this channel and I’m sharing more about, more than just my RV life. If you can relate to me, hit the like button below this video. If you want to work with me and learn more, um, you can check out the links below this video to apply and book a call with me or to my masterclass my webinar and learn more about how to get started on this journey for yourself. And if you haven’t seen my story, you can check that out below this video. How I became a, a digital nomad and female entrepreneur, not always full-time RV living, but usually, um, in my RV or the van where we have the travel trailer and the van. So yeah, there’s so much that I, I’m just so excited to share with you and do with you. And so let me know how you can relate, hit the like button below, comment below, check out the description, and I’ll see you in the next video. Love you.