How I Quit My Job [Resignation Letter + Checklist]

How do you quit your job? Have you ever said “I want to quit my job” or “hate my job” Maybe you just want to move on to something better, new, or different? Thinking about “Quiet Quitting” or even SHOULD you quit your job — is now the right time? How do you politely resign from a job? Figuring out how to quit a job and Resigning from a job is never easy! But Want to know how to make quitting your job easier? You can Get ready to quit your job by taking steps to prepare for your departure before quitting your job.

If you’re like me then, You’re probably wondering Not just How do I write a letter to quit my job, But more importantly How to prepare to leave your job? How to financially prepare to quit your job? So what is the best way to quit a job or resign from a job? Do you know how to prepare to quit your job? The first thing you want to learn is how to make a plan to quit your job.

I wrote a very short Resignation letter and shared it as an example and template you can use to write your resignation letter. So if you are curious: How do you write a resignation letter when you hate your job, and is a two-week notice necessary? and Is it better to say I quit or I resign? Check out my tips for resigning and How to Write a Resignation Letter (aka Quit Letter) below!

Q: How do you resign gracefully? Learn from my mistakes and take a few lessons from me on how NOT to quit your job too!

>> How I Quit My Job [Resignation Letter + Checklist]

How I Quit My Job [Resignation Letter + Checklist]

Milestones & Memories!

🤔 Ever dreamed of the day you could QUIT YOUR JOB? Tell your Boss BYE and ya know Hit The Road work from home or while you roam — in Your RV, from a hotel, or Airbnb? Wish you could BE YOUR OWN BOSS, make your own schedule, start a business, or at least a side hustle to supplement your income? Well, I’ve BEEN THERE DONE THAT 9 years ago… that’s when I decided to FIRE MY BOSS and BE MY OWN! 🎉

❗ The 18th of this month Marks a HUGE MILESTONE for me. Because on the 18th of Feb 2015, I QUIT my Full Time $ix Figure Paying Job in the Finance Industry! ✌️

YEP! 9 Years ago I had NO IDEA what was about to happen when I wrote my RESIGNATION LETTER and sent it to my Boss at the time! – And I had NO PLANS or thought in my mind to travel out of the country, buy an RV (much less 6 of them) Start A Blog, Write A Book, Develop a Mobile App, Private Label My Own Products, Design Custom Merchandise, and the list goes on…!

Nor did I plan to coach others on how to follow in my footsteps and do the same! (If you haven’t read How I Make Money Online & You Can Too be sure you do!)

(If you haven’t read How I Make Money Online & You Can Too be sure you do!)

>> How I Make Money Online & You Can Too!

Before I quit my corporate Finance job…

👀 My ONLY goal was to Quit My Job so I could FOCUS full time on running my business (aka my little “ReSelling” side hustle at the time)! — which obviously has expanded to way more than that now!

😭 I just remember feeling trapped, unmotivated, and like I couldn’t wait to get out of the office each day so I could work on my business! I was HUNGRY and READY for a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! I knew it wasn’t My Story… I call it my “Sara Blakely moment” if you know what I mean 😉

Until I quit my job, fired my boss, and started to become my own, I was like a “checklist” employee, a “Robot” 🤖

Yet, I had it all:

  • ✅ a job with a fancy title,
  • ✅ a high-rise condo in the city,
  • ✅ an expensive luxury car,
  • ✅ college degree + random Finance licenses
  • ✅ 401k, investments, saving up for retirement, etc…
  • ✅ Even a pretty cool boss “at the time”

ALL the things “Society” says make you Successful! 🤦‍♀️

🤯 BUT what I didn’t REALIZE at the time: I was in “The System” – I was a product of my Parents, and society, I was living for everyone’s dreams NOT MINE! I wanted MORE out of my life, my talents, my God Given Gifts that were burning inside of me! 🔥

However, if you know my story there were a series of events that led me to live in an RV after quitting my job!

>> [MY STORY] How I Became A Solo Female Digital Nomad (NOT always RV Living) Entrepreneur!

Preparing To Quit My Job

📅 It took me 6 months to Prepare for my Departure! I went in every day with a Smile on My Face just trying to get all my work done, so I could Secretly work on my business during my free time! At that point I was just there to “Do My Employee Checklist” and collect my 9-5 paycheck. (Normally, I’m the one that comes in early, stays late, and goes above and beyond!) 👩‍💻

BEFORE I quit my job to follow my dreams… I used to say “SOMEDAY, ONE DAY, EVENTUALLY” 🙄

Sometimes I forget how SCARY it can be! I can’t tell you how many calls I made to my Mom, Boyfriend, and one or two Close Friends telling them what I was about to do. I was soooooo scared to LEAVE MY COMFY Job, BIG A$$ Paycheck, Paid Vacations, 401k, Health Insurance, PLUS EVERYTHING ELSE I had worked for behind. Not knowing 100% what was going to happen once I put the wheels in motion and crossed over to “the other side — aka my Entrepreneurial journey full time” 😱

But I did have a plan and steps I took to prepare for my final departure!

  • STEP #1 – Set A date, Mark your calendar, make a plan, and act on it
  • STEP #2 – Know your rights and benefits
  • STEP #3 – Go to the doctor & refill prescriptions
  • STEP #4 – Have an emergency fund and a budget
  • STEP #5 – Start eliminating expenses
  • STEP #6 – Leave on good terms & document everything

>> Get This Checklist Sent To Your Email Inbox Instantly!


Looking for Resignation Letter Examples or Resignation letter templates? I wrote a very short Resignation letter and shared it as an example and template you can use to write your resignation letter. I sent this in an email the morning I quit AND I sent it as a PRINTED Paper Document via certified mail to not only my boss at the local location but also another copy to our corporate office.

9 Years Later…

NOW here we are 9 years LATER… I’d never look back or change my mind. Every RV and Business adventure teaches me something new. It’s a stepping stone to the next BIG thing! Plus why I teach others to follow in my footsteps and do the same! 🙌

So, How are you feeling, or what are you using as an excuse?

  • ❓ Ready to Quit Your Job?
  • ❓ Dreaming about a lifestyle change? (maybe that’s RV life 😉
  • ❓ Wish you could start your own business, be your own boss, become a Digital Nomad?
  • ❓ Need someone to help motivate you to make a move?
  • ❓ Not sure where to get started?

Maybe you’ve already made the move! Drop a comment below and let me know how my story resonates with you!

Can’t wait to read your comments!

💋 Blogging Brandi

P.S. Got questions? Want my advice? Schedule a time to chat with me 1:1 or contact me via [email protected] for other inquiries!

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